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Mon, Aug 01, 2011

Leadership Training

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Leadership training - Faithfulness and fruitfulness




We need an outside voice
- prophet speaks to the bones because dry bones cannot help dry bones

- the church can focus on the insignificant thing - keep focus on the divine, the kingdom must come

- there is only room for one Kingdom and one king

- we need Godly leadership

- Philippians he speaks of joy
Because of his partnership

We must lead more like Jesus if we want to lead others to Jesus

Structure must
- bring life
- delivers
- brings hope

People Like Jesus

- Fruitfulness and not just faithfulness
- go forth and bear fruit

- you must have the 12 and the 3000

- 1 Tim 3 qualifications for leadership
- we must help others qualify
- don't risk with character but you can with gifting

- little bit of wild fire is better than no fire

Matt 4.18

- must see others as God sees them
- they wanted to follow him
They saw something in Jesus