Sun, Oct 30, 2011

No Shame

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Understanding that shame has no place in the Kingdom of God - In fact, to embrace shame is to diminish the Work of Christ on the cross



Gen 3.7

Sin - Opened their eyes to see the shame

We get catch in the web of shame

We try to cover up our sin - Its our way to atone for our sin

Sin needed blood to be shed


Heb 10 1-4

Heb 9.14

It was expensive to sacrifice

We do not have to live in shame


Heb 10.14

By one sacrifice he has made perfect those who are being made Holy

Holy means Set apart


Jhn 8.3-11

No one accuses you


Run away from sin and run in to what the Lord has for you

It's about obedience irrespective of our feelings or position