Sun, Feb 13, 2011

Partnership and Gospel

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Terry shares with us from Phil 1 - the importance of apostolic partnership in the gospel

Phil 1

  • Servant - Slave to Jesus Christ
  • Obedience and submission to His Lordship
  • Saints are not dead Christians
  • Apostolic letter to the believers
  • Grace - God been gracious to us, unprovoked love
  • Peace  - blessing (includes: healing , wholeness, prosperity and protection)


Partnership in the Gospel

2 fold :  Divine (with God himself) and earthly (networks,one another)



  • Our commission: Preach gospel to all Nations
  • We cannot make disciples unless we plant churches
  • Church is the vehicle through which Kingdom shows itself
  • Partnership is about observable facts
  • We cannot give up along the way - together all the way
  • shared resources (prayer, Finances, etc)
  • Devoted to one another


Reformed gospel sometimes denies the power and presence of Holy Spirit.

  • WORDSPIRIT - cannot be separated
    • God - God created and initiated it all
    • Man -  sin destroyed this relationship
    • Jesus Christ - sinless death for our sin, he died so that we can live (god will never be angry with us again)
    • Response - Men everywhere must respond (sin of omission: not anything we did but what we have not done - not accepting him)