Jake/Randi Leister

Jake/Randi Leister

Role: Eldership

Leister Family

Jake leister and His family come from the far northwest of the country, sent by the Lord, to Wichita, KS. The Liesters are compassionate and emotional about life. They feel, love and hope the best for everyone. Jake, an engineer by trade, has a wonderful understanding of the heart of the father, a gentle sense and compassion for people in the body and a real hope to see her built up in Christ.

Randi presently oversees the childrens church and has a distinctive love for them and a hope to see them grow in what it means to be priests even at a young age. We value their input and know that their life and faith will encourage and strengthen you in your Christian journey.

Latest sermons by
Sun, Jul 27, 2014
Duration: 47 mins 9 secs
Jake teaches on prayer by pointing us back to the foundation Jesus laid so that we can approach Him honestly and sincerely.
Sun, Jun 01, 2014
Duration: 45 mins
Jake preaches on our dire need to actively pursue a mind transformed by knowing Jesus Christ.
Sun, Apr 27, 2014
Series: Discipleship
Duration: 45 mins 20 secs
Jake preaches on the adequacy we have from God to share the gospel and make disciples of Christ.
Sun, Feb 09, 2014
Duration: 40 mins 30 secs
Jake lays down a challenge to trust Jesus with everything you have and are.
Sun, Nov 17, 2013
Duration: 9 mins 11 secs
Jake encourages the kids in their place in God's Kingdom and prepares them for the day's activities.
Sun, Oct 13, 2013
Duration: 1 hr 3 mins 35 secs
Jake teaches on the spirit man. How can we, spiritual beings under the New Covenant, derive life from this physical world?
Sun, Aug 25, 2013
Passage: Luke 3:1-9
Duration: 54 mins 33 secs
Jake preaches on the one crying in the wilderness and pleading with all believers to take up John's call.
Sun, Apr 21, 2013
Passage: Psalms 23
Duration: 32 mins
A timely look into Psalm 23 for the transition of our church leadership.
Sun, Dec 09, 2012
Duration: 30 mins 51 secs
What culture are we creating with our words and actions? Is it one based on rights or on sacrifice?
Sun, Nov 18, 2012
Duration: 41 mins 45 secs
We must be a people who have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Churches.