Rodney/Leigh  Ducroq

Rodney/Leigh Ducroq

Rodney loves the people of God - always urging people on - Church planter and Kingdom builder with a love to see Lovers of Christ grow to be the sons and daughters of God. The Ducroq's came to America with a passion to see Jesus Christ glorified and have proven that goal throughout their lives here. They have persevered with amazing grace and faithfulness through the continuing battle that entails from that vision. They have returned to South Africa and arewaiting n the next step in this amazing journey the Lord has them on. Their lives are a testimony to the goodness and provision of a loving and provisional Creator. If one word could describe them, it would be, "faith."

Leigh-Ann brings an awesome heart to see people set free in Jesus and to live their lives to the fullest in Him. She has many years of experience and much wisdom in this ministry. Leigh also brings a huge capacity for administration, which is a blessing that is often overlooked in ministry.

If you want to be challenged and encouraged in who the Lord is in your life then you will not be let down by this amazing family! Their inheritance in this region is rich and they are continually plowing into that which the Lord has granted them.

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Living out this Christian life with a life in Christ.
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The basics of receiving inward, sounding outward and living upward in our Christian walk.
Sun, Aug 19, 2012
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A look at Paul's relationship and lessons for the church in Thessalonica.
Sat, Aug 04, 2012
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We can't focus on one or two parts, but the all and everything of God's Word.
Sun, Jul 08, 2012
Understanding our first value which that of GRACE LIFE
Sun, Jun 24, 2012
What is a base center (church base)from which the workers are sent.
Sun, May 27, 2012
We are an eager people who want power and authority but do we know why..
Sun, May 06, 2012
Do we walk and live as people of authority with a clear sense of Kingship
Sun, Apr 22, 2012
Summer is the worst time for sheep because flies irritate them resulting in disease, blindness and even madness