Rodney/Leigh  Ducroq

Rodney/Leigh Ducroq

Rodney loves the people of God - always urging people on - Church planter and Kingdom builder with a love to see Lovers of Christ grow to be the sons and daughters of God. The Ducroq's came to America with a passion to see Jesus Christ glorified and have proven that goal throughout their lives here. They have persevered with amazing grace and faithfulness through the continuing battle that entails from that vision. They have returned to South Africa and arewaiting n the next step in this amazing journey the Lord has them on. Their lives are a testimony to the goodness and provision of a loving and provisional Creator. If one word could describe them, it would be, "faith."

Leigh-Ann brings an awesome heart to see people set free in Jesus and to live their lives to the fullest in Him. She has many years of experience and much wisdom in this ministry. Leigh also brings a huge capacity for administration, which is a blessing that is often overlooked in ministry.

If you want to be challenged and encouraged in who the Lord is in your life then you will not be let down by this amazing family! Their inheritance in this region is rich and they are continually plowing into that which the Lord has granted them.

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Sun, Apr 01, 2012
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Sun, Mar 25, 2012
The Coat and Belt was exchanged in covenant - characteristics of a real relationship
Sun, Mar 18, 2012
Regenerated into a new liniage in His name and reminded as oft as we do it that we no longer need to stress. He is our vindicator
Sun, Mar 11, 2012
What are the terms (Blessing and Curses) and memorial - Many still live under the curse not understanding their position in Christ's
Sun, Mar 04, 2012
Passage: Genesis 9
Series: Covenant
4 Part series: What you need to know about covenant. Our western world understands little about the expression of covenant today. The question is WHY did God create them and are they relevant today.
Sun, Feb 26, 2012
Brandon and Kala Share their testimony about Human Trafficking in Thailand - And we are reminded that the CALL belongs to those who say YES or have we traded our CALL for something more comfortable!!
Sun, Feb 19, 2012
The word we see the bible but do we really... This is a biblical principle that reflects the nature and character of God and those in his KINGDOM. Do you know what it is?
Sun, Dec 11, 2011
JERUSALEM..She is the greatest conquer of all, the culmination of all cities.The city most consistently fought over BUT what does she really represent for us. Vision shared by Alan Schmidt
Sun, Dec 04, 2011
conti. with the conquering of the cities by Joshua and what that means to us today.
Sun, Nov 27, 2011
Each City that Joshua took represents something for us today - Their battle in the practical is our in the arena of the soul - We have been given the promise but we are called to overcome some key aspects of this life