Rodney/Leigh  Ducroq

Rodney/Leigh Ducroq

Rodney loves the people of God - always urging people on - Church planter and Kingdom builder with a love to see Lovers of Christ grow to be the sons and daughters of God. The Ducroq's came to America with a passion to see Jesus Christ glorified and have proven that goal throughout their lives here. They have persevered with amazing grace and faithfulness through the continuing battle that entails from that vision. They have returned to South Africa and arewaiting n the next step in this amazing journey the Lord has them on. Their lives are a testimony to the goodness and provision of a loving and provisional Creator. If one word could describe them, it would be, "faith."

Leigh-Ann brings an awesome heart to see people set free in Jesus and to live their lives to the fullest in Him. She has many years of experience and much wisdom in this ministry. Leigh also brings a huge capacity for administration, which is a blessing that is often overlooked in ministry.

If you want to be challenged and encouraged in who the Lord is in your life then you will not be let down by this amazing family! Their inheritance in this region is rich and they are continually plowing into that which the Lord has granted them.

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Sun, Nov 13, 2011
There are seasons of transition in our lives and its in these seasons that we need to be aware of some key things. Lets look at the case study of Joshua 3 and 5....The reproach has been rolled away
Sun, Nov 06, 2011
There are seasons of transition in our lives and its in these seasons that we need to be aware of some key things. Lets look at the case study of Joshua 1 and 2....
Sun, Oct 09, 2011
PRINCE - We have chosen to trade our KING in for a man leader in the church today. In so doing we trade away our princely position as sons of God to become sons of men.
Sun, Oct 02, 2011
THE PRIEST: We explore the importance of walking through the priesthood. To be ones in authority comes when we walk through (under) the ministry of the priesthood.
Sun, Sep 25, 2011
THE PROPHET: Exploring the aspects of the life of Christ from the perspective of the Prophets, Priest and Prince. We will be exploring the prophetic side of this life in this sermon -
Sun, Aug 21, 2011
James 1 1-12 gives us some idea on how to approach difficulties, trail and temptations. It provides some keys for us to move through these seasons
Sun, Aug 07, 2011
What should it look like and how do we measure it today. There are some clear parallels and some key points that can help us understand the process of what true Kingdom community is together.
Tue, Aug 02, 2011
1. What does Prophetic Apostolic look like? 2. Why does the church need it? 3. if so, how do we transition people into it?
Sun, Jul 24, 2011

Community and relationships don't come easy, they must be work on. We have to learn to exercise our gift of community. it is something we do and are not something we say we are....It takes time and energy to be the BODY OF CHRIST

Sun, Jun 26, 2011

We mostly relate the subject of LAW and GRACE to our life in Christ but not often do we consider that the issue of GRACE must be translated into the way relate to one another. Applying the principles of law only bring out the ugliness of sin and it's resulted death , and only GRACE can bring these relationships to a place of peace and freedom. We have to find revelation in releasing one another from law thinking and ensuring that GRACE is at the forefront of the way we relate together....