Rodney/Leigh  Ducroq

Rodney/Leigh Ducroq

Rodney loves the people of God - always urging people on - Church planter and Kingdom builder with a love to see Lovers of Christ grow to be the sons and daughters of God. The Ducroq's came to America with a passion to see Jesus Christ glorified and have proven that goal throughout their lives here. They have persevered with amazing grace and faithfulness through the continuing battle that entails from that vision. They have returned to South Africa and arewaiting n the next step in this amazing journey the Lord has them on. Their lives are a testimony to the goodness and provision of a loving and provisional Creator. If one word could describe them, it would be, "faith."

Leigh-Ann brings an awesome heart to see people set free in Jesus and to live their lives to the fullest in Him. She has many years of experience and much wisdom in this ministry. Leigh also brings a huge capacity for administration, which is a blessing that is often overlooked in ministry.

If you want to be challenged and encouraged in who the Lord is in your life then you will not be let down by this amazing family! Their inheritance in this region is rich and they are continually plowing into that which the Lord has granted them.

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Sun, Jun 19, 2011

FATHERS DAY - What are we really celebrating ? - The statistics in America seem shocking - Do we really need Fathers ?  What role should the father play? Am I being the father God has destined for me to be ? these are some of the questions that need to be answered in our world today....

Sun, Jun 12, 2011

What is this Glory? What is God gonna reveal? What has God destined in us ? And why are we waiting as if we need something ? There is a "Pragmatic theology" among believer today that must be dealt with...It is based on a form of godliness but denies the fullness of power - Faith must activate us not common sense

Sun, Jun 05, 2011

Sometimes we need to be reminded of some basic practical ways on how we build relationally together. We need to be reminded of these ways because there are times we learn from the world and then try impress those ways on the church. We need to be committed to one another in honor of Christ...

Sun, May 08, 2011

We sing the song "it's all about you ..Jesus" but do we really get it. Everything points to Him but does our lives really reflect the importance of Him? Are we making changes because of Him? There are so many things we hold onto that are not about Him.....So we need to be reminded of what our sole purpose is again. The cause is not greater, the gift is not great and neither the principle greater than the teacher. We live purely for HIM and HIM alone !!

Sun, Mar 27, 2011

The eagle season : This is a wonderful but trying season where spiritual insight /foresight and the stripping of our great strengths, revelations and religious ideas collide in humbling season that is life changing and empowering. “Where revelation and cause has become more valuable than relationship”

Sun, Mar 20, 2011

Each season we endure comes with both Charisma and Character being developed, acknowledge and presented through us. The 'Man season' relates also to the the Rocky ground in Matt13 is a season that deals with those human aspects of the old way that we find ourselves holding on to. These must be submitted in full obedience to Him. Here we deal with just a few thoughts on what that is...

Sun, Mar 13, 2011

The priesthood is made up of sons and daughters who are seasoned people. They understand the times and the season others are in and are able to lead through these times with their eyes fix on the Author and Finisher of our FAITH. The "faces of WORSHIP" covers the the four faces found around the throne and what they could represent to us today

Sun, Feb 20, 2011

See the graphic here

The Building is a journey that each of us takes as we are being built into the Kingdom of God. God is not linear and so many of these things are continually being built into our lives. The destiny is full reliance and faith on him so that fullness will be reflected in us (together). We must raise up leaders (co- workers) not slaves (modern day volunteers) who understand their grace as priests (sons and daughters) to the nations.

Sun, Feb 06, 2011

The Grace of Christ is apportioned to the body for a purpose. We the priesthood must take up our Kingdom grace so that the body will find it's fullness. This again is not a one man grace but a grace poured out on all men as Christ apportioned ....We have an obligation in Him.

Sun, Jan 30, 2011

What is your picture God. How big, in your eyes, is He really. With disaster looming and the struggles, the usual sightings and the many sorrows we see daily sometimes results in diminishing our view of who He is. What we see could effect how we see .....