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Sun, Feb 20, 2011

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The Building is a journey that each of us takes as we are being built into the Kingdom of God. God is not linear and so many of these things are continually being built into our lives. The destiny is full reliance and faith on him so that fullness will be reflected in us (together). We must raise up leaders (co- workers) not slaves (modern day volunteers) who understand their grace as priests (sons and daughters) to the nations.

Sun, Feb 13, 2011

Terry shares with us from Phil 1 - the importance of apostolic partnership in the gospel

Sun, Feb 06, 2011

The Grace of Christ is apportioned to the body for a purpose. We the priesthood must take up our Kingdom grace so that the body will find it's fullness. This again is not a one man grace but a grace poured out on all men as Christ apportioned ....We have an obligation in Him.

Sun, Jan 30, 2011

What is your picture God. How big, in your eyes, is He really. With disaster looming and the struggles, the usual sightings and the many sorrows we see daily sometimes results in diminishing our view of who He is. What we see could effect how we see .....

Sun, Oct 03, 2010
Duration: 38 mins 32 secs

Face of the church:  A working through Revelation 10 for the church -  Getting back to the basics and taking it to heart. We the CHURCH are the representation of the covenant with God to the World.